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10 Holiday Trends You Don't Want to Miss

Posted on 30 November 2017

10 Holiday Trends You Don't Want to Miss

 The holidays are just around the corner! It’s time to start shopping in three, two, one……..checkout. 


But, what are some of the 2017 trends worth purchasing? 


For the new kids on the block…… 


Santa Suit Onesie and Hat: 


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Santa knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake…yep, Santa is a stalker! But we love him anyway. These onesie and hat sets are perfect gifts for the babies in your life (and your own babies too). 


Christmas Tree Shaped Teethers: 

These are gifts you can really sink your teeth into (well your child, not you…...that would be weird). They make practical and fun stocking stuffers.  


“My Spirit Animal is a Unicorn” Tee: 


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Unicorns are very trendy right now (side bar: why are they called “unicorns” and not “uni-horns”?) For the complete look, pair with our gold tutu. Unicorns are magical….and your child is too.  




Books make the perfect gifts for toddlers and babies – give them now before your kids get too old and complain! Some of our favorites include: PeekawhoHippos Go BerserkI Love You Stinky Face, and All of Baby Nose to Toes 




Dockatot is a versatile sleeper that’s a huge hit for sleep-deprived parents. It helps babies rest by reinventing the womb (amniotic fluid sold separately).  


For the older crowd…… 


“Santa is my Bestie”: 


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For older kids, our “Santa is my Bestie” shirt, Buffalo Plaid Flannel shirts, and beanie hats assure your child starts winter off in style. The Santa shirt also flatters Old Saint Nick, something that comes in helpful on Christmas morning. #buffaloplaideverything 


LOL Surprise: 


According to our friends at Hasbro (our Has-bros), LOL Surprise is going to be huge this Christmas. It’s like Tickle Me Elmo all over again. But without the annoying laugh.  


Star Wars Lego Set: 


The Star Wars Lego Set pretty much sells itself. Star Wars? Legos? Enough said.  


For teens and adults……. 




According to their website, Popsockets offer an expanding grip, a convenient stand, and a chance to show off your style. They are definitely all the rage. In other words, why the heck didn’t we invent them?  


For any age…… 


Fitness Toys: 


Fitness toys are also trending. They come in lots of variety, making them suitable for the young, the old, and everyone in between. Fitbits remain popular too, especially for adults. But, beware, they are addicting. When you forget to wear yours, there’s no point in even getting up to go to the bathroom.  

What holiday trend are you looking to buy this season? Comment below! 

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