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This Country was Named "Best Place to Be a Mother on Earth!"

Posted on 19 February 2016

That's right, the Children's Foundation made that lofty statement selecting one country as the best place to be a mother. If your mind is already racing to make guesses, I'll tell you right now it's not the United States. Not Canada either.

The country that won the award gives every expecting mother a maternity kit packed with everything a newborn could need--including a place to sleep.

finland baby box

If you guessed Finland, you're right!

They started providing these kits in the 1930's when the country faced high infant mortality rates. The box itself doubles as a sleeping crib with a mattress in the bottom. In order to receive a box, pregnant women had to visit the doctor, which helped promote prenatal checkups as well. In the decades that followed, infant mortality rates steadily dropped and are now some of the lowest. 

These "baby boxes" have become a right of passage for Finnish mums and are still given out to this today. 


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