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Baby Gifts for Millennial Parents

Posted on 13 June 2017

Baby Gifts for Millennial Parents

For anyone trying to buy for new millennial parents, choosing the perfect baby gift can be hard. Millennials only want the best o the best, the trendiest of the trendiest and a baby gift that will fit their own personal expression.

Finding the perfect millennial gift starts with an online baby boutique store like parapescuez. We have a large collection of trendy, hilariously funny baby onesies and practical baby clothing that young or new parents may not even know they needed!

Let us help you find the perfect gift for millennial parents through our gift guides below:

1. Open-Minded Education

One of the best places to start, without doubt, is through baby books! Most millennial parents want "woke" babies to keep their babies stay ahead of the social-political-economic game.

To keep their babies "woke" (or at least very open minded), we suggest the following books:

Amelia to Zora, Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World


Everywhere Babies 

These education books are the perfect millennial parent baby gift because they are not only clever, educational but they align well with the open-minded mentality that most millennial parents have. 

2. Trendy Baby Clothes

As mentioned before, most millennials want their kids dressed in the coolest clothes. Playgrounds and daycare are now the modern runways and fashion shows. Thankfully, the baby clothing industry has followed suit as well! Most baby onesies are not only funny, but they are well designed and trendy as well!

Take, for example, parapescuez's selection of premium quality baby clothes and baby onesies. Our t-shirts and bodysuits are made with premium quality cotton and our designs use trendy gold foil or silver foil ink to really stand out in the crowd!

Check out these budding fashionistas!


3. Baby Accessories!

Millennials are are all about cool, but they're all about function as well. If you can hit two birds with one stone, then it's a winner! Baby trucker hats that can protect a young kid's eyes and comfortable baby pants that grows along with the child are just a few great options for millennial-born babies!

Do you know any other great gifts for young, millennial, new parents? Share with us now! 

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