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Cute and Clever Holiday Gifts You Can Make with Your Toddler

Posted on 09 November 2017

Cute and Clever Holiday Gifts You Can Make with Your Toddler 

Cute & Clever Home Made Holiday Gifts


As the old adage goes: it’s the thought that counts. And when toddlers are involved, its the thought and the creation that makes their DIY gifts so much more meaningful 😍 

Luckily, most kids are up for making just about anything (a mess, most notably). This means it’s not too hard to convince your kiddo to create a holiday gift perfect for Nana (or whomever else). So, what kind of holiday gifts can little hands plan? They include: 

Decorated Mason Jars: 

You say “mason jar,” we say “holiday lantern.” With a little bit of glitter and glue, your kids can go to town creating a magical decoration. But, beware, minutes to make, seconds to break. Still, with supervision (or a padded room), this project should go smoothly.

Ah, mason jars – they’re not just for moonshine anymore! 


Clothes Pin Snowflakes: 

These snowflakes are simple – toddlers need help from an adult but older kids can probably create them on their own. The end result is a unique decoration perfect for tiny fingers to tinker with. And, like real snowflakes, no two clothes pins (with the miscellaneous globs of glue) will ever be alike.  


Yarn and Button Trees: 

These little bitties add color to any room. They can be used as a centerpiece or as décor for a mantel. They can also be made with any color, offering plenty opportunity for variation. Does your toddler need to create something that’ll match shag carpet (Aunt Thelma!)? Well, this will do it. 



Tree Branch Coasters: 

These coasters are definitely something that toddlers can’t make on their own (clearly, table saws should be reserved for those who are at least in kindergarten). But your toddler can stamp the leaves on the coasters. Then they can stamp the kitchen table and the sofa and the dog! 



Pear and Clove Centerpiece: 

This is a gift that’s fast and festive. After mom or dad traces the letters into the pears, kids can get to work. Since it’s made of fruit, the centerpiece won’t last long. But if it’s eaten, it can turn into the gift that keeps on giving (at least for the next few days). Pears are full of fiber, after all.  

Do you have a favorite DIY gift for the holidays? Share with us 👇

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