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First day of school shopping list that every pre-school parent needs!

Posted on 14 August 2017

Off to school packing and shopping list that every pre-school parent needs!

The first day of pre-school is always a huge benchmark for any child's life and parent's life. It marks the first big step of a baby growing up to be a young adult! In order to prepare both parents and child for the exciting adventure to come, we suggest packing up the following items for your kid's first day of school!

1.)  Pillow, blanket, mat, or sleeping bag

To ease a child's anxiety of separating from their parent, it's good to give them something comforting to bring along with them. And nap time is always a staple at any pre-school so pack your child a warm and comfy blanket or pillow to remind them of home during nap time. 

2.)  A comfortable, light shirt. 

The exciting thing about pre-school is that your child is bound to make loads of friends. They'll be running around, playing games and building or creating things together! With all this activity, you want to make sure your child is comfortable with their clothing so a nice, breezy & light tee would do the trick! 

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3.) Pull-Ups, Just In Case:

As they say, better safe than sorry! 😉 Bring a few of these on the road in case there are any mishaps along the way. 


4.) Wet Wipes:

Kids are notorious for having sticky hands. They're also notorious for touching anything and everything they can get their hands on. Give their pre-school teachers a break and send your child off with a pack of wet wipes and teach your child the importance of clean hands. 


5.) Slippers:

Most pre-schools ask that the child wear more than just their sock indoors. Give your child a cute pair of slip resistant indoor slippers that will both comfort and protect them. 


6.) A change of clothes, pants included:

Finally and most importantly, always and we mean ALWAYS bring an extra change of clothes. Toddlers LOVE to get messy and you don't want to have a child sent home in dirty clothes. Make sure the extra change of clothes is easily accessible to a pre-school teacher to help them when change is necessary.



Did we miss anything on our list? Comment below! 

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