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Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Posted on 13 June 2017

Unique Baby Shower Gift Guide

Unique Baby Gift Guide

When it comes to baby shower gifts, it's easy to find yourself against the wall as you can try and come up with a witty, fitting item to give to the new baby. For the best baby shower gifts, we need to go beyond the obvious. To help you find quality baby shower gifts, we offer some insight to unique baby shower gifting!

From trendy baby clothes to baby trucker hats (for that added touch of function & comedic value) you can find that giving a baby shower gift that is easier with parapescuez!

Funny Onesies for Babies

One of the best places to start your endless search of a perfect baby shower gift is with funny baby clothing! Funny onesies like this excellent I Drink Until I Pass Out option is a modern, hilarious and comfortable little option to go for. It’s not only a novelty design, but it’s absolutely hilarious!

Finding the perfect funny onesies can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. Start with a premium, boutique quality baby clothing store, like parapescuez to find the design that best fits the parent and the child. From there, you'll be the immediate star of the party by giving your unique, hilarious & downright clever baby onesie!

Parenting Advice Books

Not every baby shower gift, is going to need a laugh. Mothers and young families need help adjusting to the challenges ahead, and what better way to prepare them than turning to the help of a good parenting advice book?

Information is power and you can make the lives of those young couples so much easier with this baby shower gift. When it comes to new baby gifts, we usually want to get the little one something, but the parents can benefit (big-time) from a bit of assistance too. 

Hats and Accessories

The little ones need a bit of protection and coverage at a young age, and with your help you can make sure that you are just getting that. Try to go for something clever like this "Woke Up Like This" baby trucker hat.

Remember that the main idea about handing over baby shower gifts is to be helpful. Parents have enough stress with caring for the child.

Relieve some of the stress with the perfect baby shower gift! Even accessory hampers with baby food, some baby clothes and diapers can go a long way. But with that said, baby shower gifts can still be trendy, funny and clever! 😉 

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